Sects Feature: Sherman Lim

By Sects Shop

Name: Lim Sherman    
Age: 18
Profession: Student at Republic Polytechnic
Instagram: @Shermanu_u

Describe your style using three words:
Inspired, Comfortable, Street

Describe fashion in five words:
Emotion, Statements, Creative, Individualistic and Courageous

Name one fashionable person you know: 
John Kang (@Johnblehbleh). He's actually the one that introduced me to the store. 

Name two favourite brands from Sects Shop:
Pitch Black and Depression

One fashion item you cannot live without:
Rings, any ring, earring, 
nose ring, all the rings.

Choose one of the following:
- Colours/Monochrome
- Happy/Sad
- Preppy/Street
- (Shop) Online/Offline
- Inspired/Original
- Facebook/Instagram
- K-Pop/Alt-Indie
- G-Dragon/Kurt Cobain
- Cineleisure Orchard/Orchard Gateway

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