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What’s your name?



What do you do?

High school student


Where are you from?

I come from Switzerland but have been in Singapore for a long time!




What’s your style:

My style right now consists of multiple genres going from street goth to hyper y2k to archive fashion. 


What are some of your favorite fashion labels or designers?

My favorite brands would have to be Vivienne Westwood, c2h4, fluevog, Marc Jacobs


Do you have a fashion icon? Who inspires you?

My style icon would definitely have to be edge yang! 


Complete this sentence…

“I’ll never be caught wearing moto jeans


Choose one of two:

• Street Goth or Street Wear

Harry Styles or Ian Curtis

Fashion or Anti-fashion

 All Black Outfit or Happy Colors

Hip Hop or Indie

• Virgil or Yohji

• Inked or Clean

• Popular or Weird







  • Super! would be a great model

    vic on

  • amazing!😻

    margaux on

  • Everything he wears just WORKS ✨

    pink panther on

  • Amazing! Love the style and gorgeous future super model!

    Gorgeous goose on

  • He looks amazing. Love the way he wears the style! I want to get his shoessss

    Tara on

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