Feat. Nan9

By Sects Shop Singapore

Feat. Nan9

What’s your name? 

Nan9 (None Nine)


What do you do?



Where are you from?






What’s your style:

Mixing different aesthetics


What are some of your favorite fashion labels or designers?

Rick Owens, Bape, Yohji Yamamoto, Supreme, Off-White, Balenciaga, The Viridi-Anne, TBN Isopoetism


Do you have a fashion icon? Who inspires you?

Not really, I have no specific inspiration. I try to combine different looks.


Complete this sentence…

“I’ll never be caught wearing something that looks basic.


Choose one of two:

• Street Goth or Street Wear

Harry Styles or Ian Curtis Tech N9ne

• Fashion or Anti-fashion

 All Black Outfit or Happy Colors

• Hip Hop or Indie

• Virgil or Yohji

• Inked or Clean

• Popular or Weird


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