SECTS FEATURE: Fiqi Maheswara

By Andrew Loh

SECTS FEATURE: Fiqi Maheswara

What’s your name?

 Fiqi Maheswara



College Student





Your style is dope. Tell us about it:

 Thank you so much, I appreciate it! But anyways, as I’m still learning myself, my style has been a little bit of everything. I don’t limit myself in terms of outfit and I would dare myself to try anything new, sometimes I can be out of the box, sometimes I can be plain boring. Bottomline, whatever your outfit is, wear it with pride and confidence—it makes a great style.


Which are your fave brands?

 Ever since I got into fashion, I’ve always loved Gosha Rubchinskiy, not only the dope collections they offer but also the man behind it, Gosha himself. So inspiring and motivating. But as of late, I really like wearing a lot of Korean brands such as Antimatter, More Than Dope and OY which thankfully Sects Shop carry! And also I’ve been getting into Demna Gvasalia’s very own Vetements and his recent collections in Balenciaga. But all that aside, I wear what I like, doesn’t matter what brand it is.


We think you’re a style star. But who is your fashion icon?

My biggest fashion icon for the longest time has been Luca Fersko (@lucafersko) and DEAN (@deantrbl), but nowadays I get inspired by literally everyone who dresses up nice, whether it’s celebrities, influencers, friends, or even a complete stranger I see across the street.


Complete this sentence… “I’d never leave home without ___________________.”

Something BLACK.


If you could only choose one, which will it be?

  • Camo or Leopard:  Camo, but not an oversaturated type of camo
  • Black or Color: Black, with a touch of red ;)
  • Kanye or GD:  GD anyday of the week!
  • Oversize or Tight:  Oversized tops are always the right answer for me.
  • Always Inspired or Die An Original: Inspired doesn’t mean you copy, and Original doesn’t mean you don’t get inspired, so die as an inspired original man.
  • Hype Beast or Indie Labels:  50/50, not all hypebeast are bad and not all indie labels are good.
  • Punk or Hipster: Punk, solely because my dad was in a punk band at one point and his style was so sick
      • Inked or Clean: Inked!! You’ll see my dead body inked to the core.              (sorry mom and dad hehe)


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