By Andrew Loh

What’s your name?

Aden Tan








Your style is dope. Tell us about it:

I like to keep my look clean cut & a little on the safe side, but very daring with

colours. I prefer 'pastel-ish' colours in my outfit, it can be pink, green or even

yellow. But on some days I just like to dress myself all black hahaha


What are your fave brands?

Sects Shop is actually my preferred place to shop, I have been introduced

to many wonderful brands which caught my liking such as HETA and Drink Beer Save Water


We think you’re a style star. But who is your fashion icon?

When it comes to fashion sad to say but I don’t really follow any specific

icons, I enjoy matching colours more than anything else, and style wise I can be quite experimental


Complete this sentence… “I’d never leave home without my headphones.”

If you could only choose one, which will it be?

 Retro or Futuristic

 Streetgoth or Athleisure

• Justin B or Jackson W

 Oversize or Tight

• Always Inspired or Die An Original

• Hypebeast or Indie

• Punk or Hipster

• Inked or Clean


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