By Andrew Loh

What’s your name?

Glenn Goh



Fashion Stylist





Your style is dope. Tell us about it:

I try to play around with menswear a lot, mainly between sartorialism and athleisure. I love clean-cut designs with interesting silhouettes and truth be told, most of the time it’s how you wear the clothes, and not how the clothes wear you.


What are your fave brands?

Juun J, Versace, Portrait Report, Cerruti1881, Woo Young Mi, H&M, Gentle Monster


We think you’re a style star. But who is your fashion icon?

I am actually inspired by everything and everyone I see around me, discovering more styles that I could actually share with you guys. Don’t really have a particular fashion icon.

Complete this sentence… “I’d never leave home without my mobile phone. Sad but true. I have to work! I work via my phone from anywhere with reception.”


If you could only choose one, which will it be?

Retro or Futuristic

• Streetgoth or Athleisure

• Justin Bieber or Jackson Wang

Oversize or Tight

• Always Inspired or Die An Original

Hypebeast or Indie

Punk or Hipster

• Inked or Clean



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