By Andrew Loh

What’s your name?

Kai Jie



Brand Ambassador




Your style is dope. Tell us about it:

Thank you for thinking so but I feel that there is much more I can learn or do to improvise. Generally I try to switch up styles once in a while so that it doesn’t get too boring.


What are your fave brands?

GroundY, S’YTE, Depression, Münn, Julius, Lad Musician, Rick Owens, Y-3

We think you’re a style star. But who is your fashion icon?

I don’t have one fashion icon, I feel that I get inspired by anyone who puts in effort to dress up nicely.


Complete this sentence… “I’d never leave home without my earrings.”

If you could only choose one, which will it be?

Retro or Futuristic

Streetgoth or Athleisure

Justin B or Jackson W

Oversize or Tight

Always Inspired or Die An Original

Hypebeast or Indie

Punk or Hipster

Inked or Clean


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