By Andrew Loh


What’s your name? Kim Sheng, all of my friends call me Kim for short, which is funny as people always asks whether I'm Korean, and I always get mistaken for a girl just by my name alone. *Laughs*

Job? Retail Sales Associate! Sadly, why am I not working with you guys?!

Instagram? @evareting

Your style is dope. Tell us about it:

I believe everyone of us are not born stylish. I, like everyone else, used to wear what I call, clothes for the masses.

It was until I went into hairdressing and I started flipping those style magazines that made me want to get those runway pieces. Then one day I bought this real ridiculous looking collaboration Adidas jacket, which took a lot of courage to actually wear in Singapore on a Sunday. From then on, you could say that I was hooked to dressing loud and proud.

I always buy whatever appeals to me and wear whatever my mood dictates, so I don't really have a fixed style, so to speak.

But anything weird, unorthodox and possibly oversized will usually get its place in my wardrobe. P.S. No more space left though, someone get me another wardrobe?! Hahahaha!

Which are your fave brands?

I'm always very open to different brands, but at the moment it's OY, Drink Beer Save Water, Holdsway, The Greatest, and Oh! R.Shemiste’s recent drop is DOPE!

We think you’re a style star. But who is your fashion icon?

Instagrammer by the profile @cheristyle_ , she's just awesome!

And yeah, I ain't really into celebs.

Complete this sentence… “I’d never leave home without my watch.”


If you could only choose one, which will it be?

  • Camo or Leopard
  • All Black Everyday or Crazy Colours?
  • Kanye or GD
  • Oversized or Body Tight
  • Always Inspired or Die An Original
  • Hype Brands or Indie Labels
  • Punk or Hipster
  • Inked or Clean


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