By Andrew Loh

What’s your name?



Creative Ideator at Yellow Octopus


Chinese Peranakan




Tell us about your style in one line:

Whatever expresses me for the day, with the knowledge that clothes have no gender.

What are your 3 fave brands?

Depression (haha)
ECCO (not always stylish, but their shoes fit my feet best)
All Saints

Your style is dope. But who is your fashion icon?

My fashion icons are my friends who have the courage to dress true to themselves, regardless of how societal pressure actively pushes them to conform. (an example of such a friend is Mac @gdragons_caviar on Instagram)

Complete this sentence… “I’ll never be caught wearing something for the sake of fitting in .”


If you could only choose one, which will it be?
• Nostalgia or Avant Garde
 Street Goth or Sports Wear
• Justin B or Jackson W
• Oversized or Undersized
• Always Inspired or Die An Original
 Hypebeast or Indie
• Good Boy or Bad Boy
 Inked or Clean


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