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What’s your name?
Philip Rutherford

White hat hacker

Formally, I’m Caucasian (and obviously I look like one). I was born in St Petersburg but moved to Singapore. I want to live in a world where the word “human” would be a sufficient answer to a question about race.


Describe your style in one line:
A black and white mixture of cyberpunk, anime, and minimalism.

Name 3 favorite fashion brands/labels?
White Mountaineering
Yohji Yamamoto/Y-3

Who is your fashion icon or What inspires you?
I don’t have a fashion icon. Instead, I am being inspired by people on the streets and the web.

Complete this sentence…
I’ll never be caught wearing ... hyped stuff just because it is hyped.

Mad Max or La Haine:
Short answer: “La Haine”. Long answer: I have seen “Mad Max” once. I bet it is a good movie since it is very popular, but personally, I do not remember much from it, probably because I prefer movies of a different kind. On the other hand, I really enjoyed watching “La Haine”. Although there was no solution proposed to the addressed problems, the movie is right at pointing out that “Hate breeds hate”. Would definitely recommend everyone to watch it.

Harry Styles or Jackson Wang

Oversized or Oversexed

Street Wear or Avant-Garde:
Tough question. No definite answer. I like streetwear but not the one people typically think of. Also, avant-garde is very broad, I like some aspects of it, especially everything that keeps it minimalistic. I would answer that I prefer a “minimalistic mixture of these” (or “streetwear” if I’m not given a choice).

Fashionable or Anti-fashion:
I don’t care what others consider to be fashionable. I simply wear what I like. I guess the answer is “fashionable” since I think so about my clothes.

Hypebeast or Lightindarkshadow:
Lightindarkshadow. Great stuff. Wouldn’t even think twice. I never understood people who blindly follow hyped trends.

Good Boy or Bad Boy:
Everyone is simultaneously good and bad to some extent. I want to be a “good boy”. Let’s be kind to each other.

Inked or Clean:
I choose “inked” since I want society to stop judging people with tattoos or other uncommon/unnatural traits.

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