Sects Blog: street style


By Andrew Loh


Name: Evon 

Job: Cabin Crew

Instagram: Gneiutnove

We love your style, can u describe it for us in a few words?

Personally, I don't really look into branding, I will always see which design and style actually caught my eyes and my likings! 

My style never fail to match a pair of long socks with black and white outfit. I really love wearing long socks or knee length socks where I could easily found them from sects shop! 

Other than black and white outfit, sometimes I'd love to be a little sporty, that's when I'll wear a baseball jersey or tank top and match it with my Long socks definitely!

I love collecting shoes too, without a pair of dope shoe, no matter how well your outfit are, you can't bring the style out! To me, shoes are like ice cream, there's always room for more! 


 What are your fave Brand’s?

Maybe I should say which Brands I have in my closet! Mostly street brands like Stage, Mishka, Killstar, depression, Adidas, Mini cream, Criminal Brother (CRB), dope Chef, Beentrill and etc


Who is your fashion icon?


Complete this sentence… “ I never leave home without _________________?"


Pick one:

Camo or Leopard

- All black or All colors

- Kanye West or G Dragon

Oversized or Tight

- Copy or Original

- Fast Fashion or Indie Labels

- Punk or Hipster

- Ink or Clean

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