Parts of Four is designed by Evan Sugerman, U.S. born artist from Los Angeles, California. Founded in 2011, Parts of Four produces jewelries, objects, furnitures, and installations. With a background in sculptural processes, Parts of Four can be imagined as an invocation system of rituals and memories: human, animal, geological, stellar, and beyond. It is a meditation on form, material, and processes.

The material is the substance. We believe in magic and the ability of material to hold history and power. The material draws the form. Or rather it is a dialogue, a spiritual dialogue born between our multiple histories. It is not a reflection on the world affairs but an investigation of inner-space, building and expanding upon it and ourselves, in layers and in juts, slowly and suddenly. Creating magical objects is our goal: hard-edged solid industrialized shamanic-tools.

Parts of Four jewelries are ungendered and non-seasonal.