About Sects Shop

Welcome To Our Dark Universe
Sects Shop is the only multi-brand street goth store in Singapore. Established in 2013 by DEPRESSION DESIGNS PTE LTD and created by designers Kenny Lim and Andrew Loh, the concept was to house their own label DEPRESSION alongside their favorite international designers such as Julius and Rick Owens, among other avant garde juggernauts. A 'sect' is often described as a group that has broken off from a larger group to follow a different set of rules and principles. In the same vein, Sects Shop is our way of breaking away from mass produced mainstream mediocrity. 

Brands: 44 Label Group, Ajo, Archivio JM Ribot, Darkr8m, Depression, Discord Yohji Yamamoto, Fangophilia, Guidi, Introverted Studio, Julius, Juun.J, La Haine Inside Us, Neandertal Perfume, Nilos, Nude:mm, OSS, Parts of 4, Raf Simons, Rick Owens, Rigards, Seokwoon Yoon, The Viridi-Anne, Thom Krom, Tobias Birk Nielsen, Willy Chavarria, Ziggy Chen & growing.