Anrealage 300% Dress Skirt In Grey

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Dress Skirt

From the design to wear the details of clothes expanded to 300%, it is developed with the sweatshirt of the champion.

By trimming the sleeve part of the sweatshirt that has been enlarged to 300%, the torso is passed through the sleeve that originally passes the arm, and it is converted into a dress. By changing the rib part of 300% to the waist position and bust position, it is a 2-way specification of skirt and dress. Made from 100% COTTON 10oz REVERSE WEAVE® French Terry, the champion's signature sweatshirt. The universal REVERSE WEAVE is an item that can be proposed together with the representative 300% series of Unrealage, while having a familiar feel and comfort.


10oz REVERSE WEAVE® French Terry


Made In Japan